“Directors’ Duties and Liabilities” across the EU: LSE study

The London School of Economics for the European Commission has produced a 427 page study on “Directors’ Duties and Liabilities” across the EU for the European Commission.

“The European Commission has not, to date, considered directors’ liability issues in a comprehensive way. It is the purpose of this study to provide the relevant information in a comprehensive manner, in order to support to European Commission to consider its future policy in this area. To this end, the analysis spans from national laws and case law to corporate practice in respect of companies’directors duties in all 27 EU Member States and Croatia.

The overarching goal is to provide for a better understanding of certain important drivers of directors’ behaviour. This study shows the extent to which the content and extent of duties and the corresponding liabilities, as well as the understanding of the persons to whom they are owed, fluctuate over the life of a company, i.e. during the “normal” phase of operation, and in the so called “twilight zone”, i.e. shortly before insolvency. The study is mainly a stocktaking one. However, its comparative analysis also identifies similarities and differences between national regimes and identifies relevant cross-border implications.”